What is Conscious Sedation?

Patients who are apprehensive about receiving dental treatment often avoid going to the dentist. Ultimately, this avoidance can lead to advanced disease and the need for expensive treatments that could have been avoided.

Conscious Sedation provides a safe, effective way to alleviate dental anxiety and provide patients with the treatment they need.

How it Works

Conscious Sedation makes use of a prescription medication that induces a drowsy, relaxed feeling. This is an oral medication and no intra-venous needles are used.  Nitrous oxide gas inhalation may be used in conjunction with the sedative to enhance the therapeutic effect. During Conscious Sedation, the patient's vital signs are continuously monitored.

Due to the relaxing effects of the medication, patients must have a friend or family member bring them to the dental office and return them home. The typical Conscious Sedation experience creates a carefree atmosphere for the patient with most people reporting very little memory of their treatment appointment.

Advantages of Conscious Sedation

Conscious Sedation is an excellent method of treatment for patients who have any of the following concerns:

  • Dental Anxiety
  • Difficulty Getting Numb
  • Very Sensitive Teeth
  • Extensive Dental Needs
  • Discomfort with Needles and Shots

Please contact us to see if Conscious Sedation may be appropriate for you. We will gladly discuss your needs in an understanding way.